• Power Range: 0.50 HP
• Total Head: Up to 36 .0 mtrs.
• Flow Rate: Up to 3900 lph.

Salient Features

• Uniquely designed various models are available in each rating to satisfy individual's need.
• Adequate & un-obstructed self priming capacity due to excellent hydraulic design & workmanship.
• Precisely engineered for quick suction action with low noise during commissioning.
• Suitable in wide voltage variation with greater performance.
• Winding is safe due to built in thermal overload protector.
• Class 'B' insulation to resist in case of excessive heating.
• High quality bearings are used for smooth running and long life.
• Stampings are used in high quality electric grade for better efficiency.
• Anti corrosive stainless steel shaft for years of commissioning.
• Gun metal impeller to avoid clogging & increase durability.
• Enduring leakage proof operation due to Mechanical seal having high quality carbon Vs ceramic face.
• Inside fixed capacitor with Handle for avoid damage & easy lifting respectively.
• Easy maintenance with interchangeable spare parts.
• All components are machined on CNC machines with very close tolerances which reduces noise, vibrations, wearing, current, heat ultimately increase product life.
• Full proof design for minimum maintenance and consistency in performance.
• Low power consumption with respect to performance.

Impeller : Gun Metal
Casing : Cast Iron
Shaft : Stainless Steel
Motor Body : Aluminium body
Mechanical Seal : Carbon-Ceramic
Winding Wire : Super Enamelled Copper


• Used for water supply in residential Bungalows, Flats, Hotels, Garages, Dairies and laundries.
• Water circulation for fountains and solar heater systems.
• Gardening and curing at civil works.
• Used as suction Booster in cities.
• Ornamental sprinklers.

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