Pioneer Products



• Power Range: 0.50 HP to 7.5 HP
• Total Head: Up to 42 mtrs.
• Single phase and Three phase available.

Salient Features

• Wide range of pumps for appropriate selection as per requirement.
• Options are available for different pipe sizes in each rating to satisfy indidual's need.
• Suitable in wide voltage variation with greater performance in low voltage.
• Stampings are used of high quality electric grade for better efficiency.
• Winding wire with high quality insulation to avoid chance of winding burn even in low or high voltage working.
• Very low maintenance due to high quality carbon Vs steel combination of thrust bearing with leaded tin bronze made bush bearing.
• Shaft & bushes are having mirror surface finish achieved by auto burnishing machine for very long life.
• Casings and impellers are made of higher C.I. grade to withstand heavy load of water and having smooth finish of internal vanes/passages for better hydraulic performance.
• All rotating parts are dynamically balanced for low noise and long bush bearing life.
• Internal surfaces of the all parts are protected from rusting with special coating for longer life.
• All domestic models up to 2.0HP are supplied with 2mtr.
• Easily rewind able motor and fast maintenance with easily interchangeable spare parts.
• Higher efficiency which gives result into high water discharge at low power consumption.

Impeller : Noryl ,Cast Iron
Casing : Cast Iron
Shaft : Stainless
• Motor Body : Stainless Steel
• Bush : Gun Metal
• Rotor : Aluminium / Copper
Winding Wire : Poly Wrapped Copper
Thrust Bearing : Carbon-Stainless Steel


• Suitable where wide up & down in waste levels.
• Irrigation -open , drip or sprinkling system in gardening, agriculture ,forestry as for fist ponds.
• Public water supply from open wells.
• Water supply for dairies, breweries and mineral water bottling and pouch plants.
• Dewatering in civil engineering and mining.
• Cooling & pressure boosting system in industrial application.
• Used for fountains and in green houses.

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